Hi, I’M Manoj

I am a massive fan of Skyline GTR’s ever since I sat in one in the Nissan show room in 1990.

I remember that year going through a car magazine seeing a picture of the mighty R32 GTR and turning to my brother and telling him that one day I would own that car. True to my word in 2001 I bought my first GTR; a 1993 red R32 GTR.

I purchased the car through a Japanese car auction site. I was so over the moon when my brother told me that I had the winning bid. Finally the dream I had of owning my dream car was finally a reality. When the car went into the auction yard I had the clearing company take detailed photos of the car. To my amazement the car was so far from stock. The engine bay picture was dominated with two massive Blitz high mount turbos and the interior was surrounded with a roll cage.

In my article My First Skyline GTR I explain more in depth how I acquired the car and the process I took to get the car on the road.

From the purchase of my first GTR the years were filled with being around some very fast Japanese cars. Some of the fast cars were various other models of Skylines, Skyline GTR’s, Silvia’s, 180sx’s, Supra’s, RX7’s and Evo’s. In fact my little brothers Evo were featured in Fast Fours magazine.

The reason I was around fast Japanese car was due to my middle brother and Dad running an import car business. During the early 2000 in Melbourne this was quite a good business. Cars were cheap in Japan and the demand for a high performance Japanese car was high. While cars were getting imported, my little brother was getting busy building cars both cosmetically and mechanically; all in the garage of my parents’ house.

My second GTR came years after, in fact it was a recent purchase. In November 2014 I purchased from Japanese auctions. But this time when the car went to the stock yards I wasn’t surprised with too many aftermarket modifications. Way I wanted it!

This GTR was going to be purely driven as a daily and the last thing I wanted was extreme modifications that would see the car off the road if in the unfortunate circumstance I get pulled over and defected.

I hope in the next few years I can move into a house with a bigger garage. I have been day dreaming recently about converting a factory to live in. If you think I’m being stupid have a look at “converted factories” on Pintrest, you’ll be super surprised at what people have done. When the day comes and I can afford a bigger place or a converted factory I hope to purchase a 34 GTR to complete the collect ion. Can’t guarantee that I’ll stop there lol.

I started the My Skyline GTR blog because I wanted to have a central location for my personal photos of my GTR’s and my DIY jobs I have undertaken on my cars. Something like a GTR information hub that I can share to people that own a GTR. God know how much money I have spent taking my car to workshops. I hope with the information I have on the site I can at least help fellow Skyline GTR owners.

If you have a Skyline GTR please drop me a note I’d love to chat to you about your car. I really like meeting fellow enthusiasts. For the latest news and articles please subscribe!