​Faizel R34 GT-R I-DEMON 1000HP Monster​

Living in Australia there’s nothing much to be envious about when it comes to NZ. Sure, they have Lord of the Rings and great at Rugby. But we here in Australia laugh them off as our younger annoying brother. But when it comes to powerful Skyline GT-R’s NZ are the leaders. After all the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R is the fastest GT-R in the world.

This months featured GT-R is from our annoying little brother over in NZ. The I-DEMON R34 Skyline GT-R owned by Faizel Ramzan. When I first saw the YouTube clip my jaw hit the floor this is almost my dream car. Almost, well yes because I like my big single turbo’s and standard R34 GT-R rear wings with the extension.

The great thing about this car is that Faizel designed a lot of parts for the car. As a structural engineer he was able to replicate parts he saw on the internet, draw schematics and have them made. One such part he got made was the Z tune strut brace.

It runs a RIPS RB30 engine with a pair of low mount Garrett -10 turbos (HSK GT-RS equivalents) Aside from that I don’t know too much more about the modifications to the car. I do plan on contacting Faizel to get more information and even an interview. For now, just enjoy the video clip and the roar of the engine.