My GT-R fuel delivery system

After turbo failure on the dyno blew bits of the turbo into my engine I decided to pull the engine out and do a full rebuild. At this time I was also buying up supporting parts that will allow me to push some serious power figures. Having a good fuel delivery system was on the forefront of my mind and some of the first parts I acquired for my R32 GT-R build.


In the early 2000’s the technology of the injectors were not all that great. The two major brands for Japanese performance cars were Sard and Denso. There were other name brands like HKS out there but the majority of the fastest GT-R’s in the world were running Sard.

Doing my research to which injector to select, I was faced with a huge selection from 500cc all the way to 1000cc. For the 600+ horsepower I wanted to achieve the right fit was the Sard 700cc.

I was looking to go the larger 850cc or 1000cc injectors but the technology at that time meant there was lag in the pulse of these larger injectors. Getting feedback from a few performance companies verified my research.

Fuel rail

Even though the Sard 700cc injectors fit the standard fuel rail I thought it would be best to buy a dual entry fuel rail as I was going to run twin Bosch 044 pumps. With the dual entry I can have each pump feeding either end of the fuel rail. Additional to this, the HSK fuel rail had a larger volume of fuel that could be passed through it than the standard.

There was a bit of wank factor to it as well. The HKS rails look amazing in the engine bay and complemented my HKS cam gears. What can I say? I’m not one for exterior cosmetic changes but very much a fan of making the engine bay look great.

My Skyline GT-R Sard fuel regFuel reg

I wanted to keep all the fuel components the same name brand so I invested in a Sard Fuel regulator. I could have used the standard one but I wanted the person tuning my car to be able to adjust the fuel pressure if needs be. The Sard reg enabled me to mount it off the rail for convenience too.

Fuel delivery system hoses and fittings

I spent a small fortune on hoses and fittings. I have receipts for over $5000. Everything I bought was Speedflow and made sure that they were either blue or red fittings. These were high quality fittings and they sealed very well, not to mention making the engine bay and fuel system in the boot look super good.

Surge tank and pumps

The surge tank was fabricated by my brother. We got a length of stainless the fittings and backing plate and welded them all together.

r32-gtr-fuel-systemThe surge tank was mounted in the boot of the car with two Bosch 044 pumps sending fuel through -8 lines to the engine. We didn’t use the standard mental fuel lines to the engine as they were small and restrictive.

In all I was very happy with the fuel delivery system I had in my R32 GT-R. Now that all of this fuel delivery system is sold I will need to make another one.

Things are going to be different though as I will be using e85 fuel instead of the standard 98 octane. As far as components are concerned that’s a new type of fuel pump and injectors. Still, fabricating the surge tank and putting the fuel system together is going to be a mountain of fun.