I sold my R33 GT-R

I sold my R33 GT-R! I’ve been toiling on the decision for more than a few month and I even used delay tactics to make excuses not to write the ad. I just had to sell it, I could not justify spending another $1880 on insurance especially with the age of the car and myself. The only thing that made me make up my mind to sell the GT-R was financial.

I had the car advertised for only two months but the interest was amazing. I took a deposit on the car within the first two weeks however the buyer wasn’t able to get finance so the sale fell through. Yes, I did have those dreamers and lowballs as I expected trying to sell a Skyline. It’s amazing how many wankers there are trying to get into cars like this.

Wanker 1

Wanker 1 called me in the early days of the car being advertised. He didn’t even ask me standard questions about the car like “How long have you had the car?” “why are you selling it?” he just went to “How much power has the car got?” Now, the advert for the car clearly stated that this was fairly close to standard so I had no idea why he was making me about this. He then stated to me that he is looking for a GT-R pulling in excess of 350kw. My response to that was “Clearly this isn’t the car for you so why did you contact me?” This conversation was on SMS. 

Maybe I’m being a bit prejudice but when I am selling a car or parts. I’m suspect on those that just message. To me, if they can’t afford a phone call they defiantly can’t afford what I am selling. I’m pretty short when it comes to people that message me.

Wanker 2

Wanker 2 actually saw the car within the first week it was advertised. I met him at a fuel station and he had a through going over the car. In the end he said that the car was too rough for the money I was asking. Too rough? I really didn’t want to disagree with him on the spot as I just wanted to go to basketball and he had already drained a solid hour and fifteen minutes of my time.

Too rough? Well, everyone else including a couple of mechanics that saw my GT-R commented at how clean it was. Wanker 2 was expecting a brand new GT-R for the price I was asking. Can you believe it? My R33 GT-R was a 1996. A 20 year old car and he expected a brand new car. The main reason for his comments according to him was the fact that blue after market vacuum hose was used and the fact the car had aftermarket cam gears. Boy, this guy had high expectations. I have seen a few GT-R’s that are on the market and they were no where near clean as mine.

Although there were a few wankers that contacted me there were actually some genuine ones that came to see the car. It was great meeting them as they were actually car enthusiasts. I spent extra long talking to them about cars, particularly Skyline GT-R’s.

Even though the car was near standard I did enjoy it everyday. Apart from being pretty heavy on fuel the car was surprisingly steerable, even with the HSK suspension. I only recently did a write up n my 33 GT-R Manoj’s R33 GT-R Vspec where I discuss my future plans for the car. As I was thinking about keeping this car for awhile I wanted to get a little more power out of the car by running e85. I would have seen the car make around the 400kw mark. Which is more than enough for a GT-R on the street. 

After two months of advertising the car left my sight to a nice young international student. Watching my car get driven away by someone else was really emotional. I loved my 33 GT-R. I drove it everyday and had some great drives like the one I did to Marysville. Even though Skyline GT-R’s are not the fastest car or the prettiest car on the road. They all have a special place in my heart especially the ones I own.