My new year’s resolution for 2017

2017 is about to tick over and it’s the time I set my new year’s resolution. Every year I set my goals for the year and for the most part I hit my goals. One goal/ new year’s resolution that I have had issues completing for a few years now is to get my R32 GT-R back on the road. This year I have set this as a major goal to get my 32 GT-R back on the road.

My GT-R being defected

Almost 10 years ago I had my GT-R defected when I drove to the beach on a public holiday. Bad move by me. I wrote an article about how my R-32 GT-R got defected to explain what happened that day. I get asked to recollect that day all the time by my friends so I decided to write an article about it. Saves me telling the story multiple times.

What’s left to be complete

Only a few things that need to be completed to get the car running but it’ll take a few man hours. Not to mention tracking down anything that I could possibly be missing.

  • Engine wiring loom needs to be fed through and connected
  • Turbo’s, water and oil lines need to be installed
  • All piping such as inlet and intercooler piping to be installed
  • Power steering lines and reservoir installed
  • Radiator and hoses connected
  • Starter motor installed
  • Front drive shaft installed
  • Fuel rail, reg, injectors as well as a new in tank fuel pump to be installed
My R32 GT-R Collecting Dust

My R32 GT-R V-Spec collecting dust

This is just what I have identified so far. I’m assuming that I have missed a few things. After the install of all the parts the fluids will have to go in and then the car should be ready to start.

What I need to have the car complete

There’s a few parts that I need to get the car going with the Garrett -9 twin turbos. Currently I’m struggling to find proper oil drains. Additional to this there will be a heap of nuts and bolts that I will require. Hence why for a few years I was looking to purchase a half cut.

Thinking of going back to the single

I feel that if I chose to go back to a single turbo I should be able to get the car started. Going with a single turbo will mean that I do not need to worry about oil drains and additional things that I may be missing.

The real issue with this decision is getting a roadworthy certificate. The single turbo will be internally gated and I will run an airbox which means that this will be my 1 intake modification. The other alternative is to actually get these modifications tested by the EPA and made legal. Provided they meet the emission standard. This is pretty costly around $3,000 from what I have heard and if you fail you don’t get that money back.

My new year’s resolution for 2017

Currently I’m leaning in the direction of going the twin and making everything close to stock. When I do the maths it seems the single turbo route is almost as same as buying a half cut and going with the twins. At least with the twin it’ll be a safer bet getting the car back on the road and finally completing a long standing new year’s resolution.

What do you think I should do? Single or twin?