Right hand side wheel bearing replaced

While my brother was putting the front shaft of the GT-R together he noticed that the front right wheel bearing needed replacing. Since the car was already in pieces we had the great idea to just do both front wheel bearings. Bad move! Considering we didn’t have a press to put the wheel bearing in and I needed to remove the whole wheel assembly. So off came the wheel assembly.

I ordered the wheel bearings from a company called Allied Bearings located in Queensland. They run an eBay shop that I stumbled upon when I was shopping around for GT-R wheel bearings. The great thing was their service as I called them on a weekend and they were more than happy to answer my questions. The part number for the wheel bearings are 4574 and the wheel bearings fit R32, R33 and R34 GT-Rs. The bearings were delivered to my address in Victoria in a week. Only down side to this set of bearings is no cir-clip. I have in the past had wheel bearings replaced on another GT-R using original Nissan parts and the wheel bearing kit included cir-clips. Still, I saved a truck load of money as I only paid $199 for the pair. Off the top of my head I think Repco quoted me $240 for a pair.

I only decided to replace the front right wheel bearing for now. I really need the GT-R moveable so that it can be towed to my brothers factory in the coming month. There we will do the left hand side wheel bearing whilst we are putting the car together.

When the left hand side wheel bearing gets replaced I’ll be sure to update this article with instructions maybe even a video. So stay tuned for the update.