Skyline GT-R’s in Movies

We all know that the Skyline GT-R is a very iconic car and for an enthusiast the car is very easily spotted. Going through my GT-R videos to upload to this site I found a cartoon that featured a R32 GT-R in it. I then decided to jot down movies I spotted GTR’s in and the

That cartoon was Initial D; to those whom do not know that cartoon it is a cult Japanese anime that features several Japanese performance cars

 1. R33 Skyline GT-R – The Fast and the Furious
The first movie of the Fast and the Furious franchise had a R33 GT-R play a minor role. Driven by Leon, the GT-R can be seen in various parts of the movie but more prominently when Leon is keeping a look out for cops. He also has an altercation with a pizza boy which from what I have heard is the director of the movie Rob Cohen.

Skyline R33 GT-R Specs

Quoting The Fast and the Furious wiki page the R33 GT-R is a 1995. From the images on Google the car has BBS rims with some goodies in the engine bay. From what I can see the car has an aftermarket fuel rail, aftermarket fuel reg, aluminum radiator, hard piping kit with pod filters. I can also see an aftermarket electronic boost solenoid which means that the car has upped the boost.

2. R34 Skyline GT-R – 2 Fast 2 Furious

In this movie Brian purchases the R34 GT-R from what seems a car scrap yard. The car was in extremely bad condition and he himself brings the car to show room condition. In this movie the R34 GT-R was one of the main cars. 

My favourite part of the movie is when Brian in a street race makes a bridge jump and wins the race. It’s funny, I remember crashing my R32 GT-R in a far less dramatic way and the damage to my car was massive. Bent rims, torn up front bar and a pin dent on my bonnet from the battery popping up and hitting it. Brian however after the jump was able to then try and out run the cops up until an EMP harpoon was shot into the car. This led to the car being confiscated.

Fast and Furious R34 GT-R Specs

Personally, I think this car was one of the biggest wank cars in all of the movies. The good looks of the 34 GTR were killed by the typical American bastardization of performance cars. I cringed when I saw the blue neons and the two massive NOS bottles. I’m sorry, neons and NOS isn’t the Japanese way nor is it something I like. The interior of the car is hideous with the blue trim and the gauges mounted in the glove box. One thing this car has got that is pretty good for performance is the NOS element in front of the front mount intercooler. What this does is cool the air further when air is passing through the intercooler.

3. R33 Skyline GT-R – The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

Americans are stupid! Particularly the ones that made this movie. Again they have managed to f*&k up a beautiful car. The pain scheme on the car with the purple and stars running through it is insulting. The 33 GT-R seems to have Volk racing rims which seem to be 18 or 19 inch. Also, what’s with the pea shooter twin exhaust? UGLY!

The car was seen driving by two Japanese girls when Han takes that red neck character for a drive. In this scene Han does a drift around the R33 GT-R which was stationary, which made the girls lose their mind. Only if it was this easy to impress women in reality.

Fast and Furious R33 GT-R Specs

4. Two R34 GT-R’s – Fast & Furious

Finally a beautiful example of what a good looking car a 34 GT-R is on FnF movie franchise. The blue GT-R looks amazing lowered on Volk RE30 rims. Apart from that I couldn’t decipher for any other modifications. But that really doesn’t matter as I believe it was the best looking car in the movie.

The blue and white R34 GT-R’s were acquired by Brian when he searched the FBI database for cars that he could use for street races. He uses parts from the white GT-R to use on the blue one. The car was used on a street race against Dom and later on in the movie to smuggle drugs. Reason why Brian and Dom smuggled drugs was to find Dom’s girlfriend Letti’s killer.

Fast and Furious R34 GT-R Bayside Blue

5. 1971 KPC110 Skyline GT-R – Fast Five

The first of the GT-R’s and a car that I hope I can one day add to my collection. The 1971 GT-R was driven by Brian in Brazil. The car was featured in the movie for a small amount of time. Which was great as this car is extremely rare and I would hate for anything to happen to it.

Skyline GT-R KPGC10

6. Initial D – R32 GT-R

Driven by Takeshi the black R32 GT-R appears in anime format in the cartoon Initial D. For those whom haven’t seen the series I suggest you get on it, especially if you are a Japanese car enthusiast.

Without going into too much of the story line of Initial D, the plot is that a tofu delivery driver in a Toyota AE86 races down a famous mountain that is frequently visited by drift drivers. The main character Takumi then races various cars which the R32 GT-R is one of them. I won’t spoil the episode by telling you how it ended but you can view it below. 

Do you know any other movies or TV shows Skyline GT-R’s appear in that I have missed? The only criteria are that it can’t be a car feature show. If you do have some examples please comment below I’d like to add to this list.

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