Few years ago I drove my 32 GTR to the gym and I had a whole group of guys crowd the car. I think it was the roll cage that drew people in. All of a sudden I was the guy at the gym with the mental 32 GTR.

Disclaimer; I really didn’t want the attention because I consciously avoid people knowing about the mods to my car.

Whilst waiting for the triceps pull down machine at the gym one of my Serb friends when we were talking about cars dropped the one liner “bro, put a auto and run 9’s” For those whom don’t understand this statement, he was telling me to convert my manual transmission GTR to a high stall auto so that I can run 9 second quarter mile passes. This is something that the VL turbo boys do with great success.

My response, NO F&*KING WAY! I shouldn’t but I do take this very personally. I believe GTR’s should NEVER be converted to autos. No matter what! My Serb friend really doesn’t understand me. I’m into hitting apexes and enjoying driving the car around the track the fastest possible way. I’m not into the straight line point it and drive.

This interaction made me think; if you were to build a Skyline GTR for race. What would it be? A drag or track car?

Disclaimer number 2; Budget plays a big part so I guess this debate could be subject to your disposable income. For argument sake let’s say that money is no object.

Track Skyline GTR

My personal preference for a Skyline GTR is to be primarily track.

I initially built my R32 GTR as a drag car running a massive T88-33D turbo which I’m glad I never ran. By the time my motor was ready I switched turbo’s to a Garette T-04Z which was large enough for some top end speed but responsive enough for a well-balanced track Skyline GTR.

Driving my R32 GTR around the streets it was easy to fall in love with how well the car handled. I’m not saying I’m a great driver but the sheer enjoyment I got from driving around convinced me that a car that handled the twisties was more my type of car.

Skyline GTR’s have an amazing racing pedigree from LeMans to Bathhurts. I mean, the 32 GTR’s were banned from racing in Australia because they kept winning.


Drag Skyline GTR

The Skyline GTR is a great drag car that is pulling incredible times. I think the fastest GTR in the world is claimed by New Zealand which is running in the 7 second category and the fastest GTR in Australia is sitting in the 8’s. Good numbers!

The great thing about GTR’s is that it doesn’t take much for them to run good quarter mile times. I think the power figure of 350rwkw in a GTR will see you in the 10’s; and 350rwkw isn’t a tall ask from a close to standard RB26. The engine can remain unopened without modifications and pull a comfortable 350kw. GTR’s in the 400rwkw mark have been known to dip into the 9’s, easily in the 10’s.

These numbers above makes the Skyline GTR a great platform for quarter mile racing. Why? Simple. It’s the 4wd system. Disclaimer 3; I’m not condoning street racing but I have seen my fair share by accidently stumbling upon it. I swear, it was accidental! I live in the SE of Melbourne, come on! Street racing everywhere.

I have seen GTR’s in street races and the fact that they get so much grip on takeoff enables them to get out of the gates quickly. Other cars just play catch up, like really quick VL turbos. The only car I can see that comes close to the GTR off launch is the Mitsubishi evolution. I have a series of video’s that I downloaded from the Xvitermini website (GTR700’s official website which has been brought down) a series of clips of GTR street drag races in Japan. These videos display the GTR’s blistering off the line speed!


What do you think?

It is obvious that my opinion on this matter is sided towards having a track car. I love the feeling of hitting the bends and relying on driving skills to get the car around a track. Drag for me is like having premature ejaculation; the feeling of joy is over far too soon. Plus I like to do more than drive a car in a straight line.

What do you think and why? Please comment below and let’s have a passionate discussion about this topic.